We are a diverse group of homeschooling families that have come together to support each other through friendship and shared resources. Our Co-op provides hands-on, fun enrichment activities that give our children an opportunity to learn and create in a group setting, as well as field trips to explore the world around us.


Our co-op meets on Tuesdays, 10-2, from September to May in the Green Hills area. We break into five age groups: Preschool (for siblings of older children only), Early Education, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Tweens/Teens. Each group has a volunteer parent-leader for the year who coordinates the schedule, and parents lead or assist in teaching six-week blocks of activities centered around a common theme/subject. While we hope for the activities to be rich with material, our focus is on building relationships and allowing each age group to experience collaboration and teamwork to enhance the homeschooling experience. Many of our families lean towards a relaxed, eclectic or unschooling approach to education.

Our cooperative is volunteer and parent-run, with every family participating every day. It is not a drop-off.


Tuition for the co-op is always kept as affordable as possible. This money goes directly to the church for the use of their awesome facilities, commonly used supplies for our classes, as well as insurance. Tuition for each semester (paid in September and January each year) are due before the first day of each semester. We do, however, encourage those interested in joining us to come out for a trial day to be sure our co-op is a good fit for your family before officially enrolling.

Fall Semester (September-December): $120/family

Spring Semester (January-May): $120/family

Tuition price is per family, NOT per student.

We are currently adding families to our wait list for the Fall 2020 semester. We are seeking new families to contribute knowledge and learn with us. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in being added to our waitlist.